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What is The Pink House?

The Pink House is a Resource and Learning Center serving the Ardmore, Sherwood Forest and Nottingham communities of the West Ashley area of Charleston, South Carolina. 

For The youth...

The Pink House is all about the kids! We provide our neighborhood youth a safe and engaging after school program and evening meal several afternoons per week during the school year and a summer camp program in July too. Both include a little arts & crafts, a little learning, a little community service and plenty of fun.

For The Community...

The Pink House is here for all of our community residents. We provide our neighbors a means to share the things they no longer need with others. From a pantry and refrigerator available 24/7 to clothing, appliances and furniture. We also partner with various organizations to address community needs and develop community assets.

Reverend Christian King

Reverend Christian King, the founder and Director of the PINK HOUSE often refers to a certain event as her ‘baptism’ – an immersion and awareness of the reading challenges that confronted the youth of her bible study class. Reading for Rev. King was as natural as breathing, so with her natural love and concern for others she could not allow herself to stand by doing nothing to address the situation. With brave determination and the meager personal funds of hers and her husband Kelvin's, she took on the daunting challenge that has resulted in a learning center/neighborhood resource Center dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of reading and reading comprehension with an emphasis on service learning and leadership development. From this very ‘baptism’ in 1997,  The P.I.N.K. H.O.U.S.E., which stands for People Innovating New Kinships thru Helping Others Uplift Services and Education, was born. 

Rev. King and her husband began the Herculean task of renovating a dilapidated building in the neighborhood. When funds and faith ran low, King had to remind herself of  those kids who faced almost insurmountable odds against success who's, most often, single parents often holding down two jobs and leaving aging grandparents to provide after school care to keep her going.

Almost a Quarter Century... and still Counting

The PINK HOUSE is a program nested under Lowcountry Christian Center Seventh Day Baptist Church, and it officially opened its doors in January 1999, and has proven itself with an overwhelming success record. In 2005 The PINK HOUSE received it 501(C)3 status as a program of the Seventh Day Baptist Community Development Center Education Services Outreach Ministries.

Popular with its students and volunteers – which include a well-trained cadre of teenage volunteers – the children who participated in The Pink House programs saw their standardized school tests measurably higher than the typical student. We are very proud of the successes of so many of our alumni.


The Pink House has helped to transform lives as it provides a safe, enjoyable, fun after-school learning environment during the school year. It continues its mission with a full day program during the summer. The need for this facility cannot be overstated as a haven from the hustle and struggle of the streets, of teen drug dealing, early pregnancy, and violent crimes.

Over twenty-plus years ago, Rev. Christian King, answered what she knew was a call from God to develop a central location to promote the idea of the community village for youth development. When she was unable to locate a building to begin the work, Kelvin, her husband, encouraged her to locate a building. 


The Kings on May 30, 2022, will have been married for 47 years. They have no biological kids and are considered God Parents to more than 50 previous PH Kids and their offspring. 

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